Dietz Hurricane Lanterns Kit - 19

Dietz Hurricane Lanterns Kit - 19
Dietz Hurricane Lanterns Kit - 19Dietz Hurricane Lanterns Kit - 19

Dietz Hurricane Lamp Emergency Kit

With solid brass Dietz Original Lanterns, this kit is a great choice at your home, cabin, out on the porch or camping trips. Bright and economical to operate, hurricane lanterns are an all time favorite for alternative and emergency lighting. As the name implies, Hurricane Lanterns will work even in rain, wind and snow.

Each set includes two Brass Dietz Hurricane Lanterns, a bottle of Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil (safer than kerosene, enough for 24+ hrs burn time for each lantern) and extra wicks, a complete kit ready to use when needed. You can add extra bottles of lamp oil, or a case for extended period use. Help others, help yourself, give the gift of preparedness!

*Rare find in solid brass, limited stock available*

Emergency Lantern Kit  - 19 includes: 2 of our 631 Dietz Original Solid Brass Hurricane Lanterns, extra wicks and a quart bottle of smokeless, Aladdin Lamp Oil made in USA. Lantern Stands 10" tall, burns Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

*Please note* Gift sets only ship ground to 48 Continental States. All of our gift sets contain lamp oil, which cannot be shipped Internationally or to Alaska and Hawaii.

Wick Size: 
1/2" Flat Wick
Burn Time (hours): 
Fuel Capacity (oz): 
Dimensions: 4.5 in × 4.5 in × 10 in
List price: $199.00