Lamp Oil FAQ

Modern Lamp Oils have come a long way in safety and clean burning properties compared to fuels of the past. The formulas make them very difficult to accidentally ignite, and offer sootless and oderless operation. We have tested them all over the years and Vermont Lanterns offers a variety of our favorites for sale. You can also purchase lamp oil locally at many hardware and department stores. Paraffin based lamp oils have a higher flash point of 180F-200F. This makes them extra clean burning, but does restrict the wick size, see specifications below. Order lamp oil here:

1. Ultra Pure Clear Lamp Oil, 24 fl oz, Canada. (Paraffin based for 5/8" and smaller wicks)
2. Aladdin Lamp Oil, 32 fl oz, USA (Top shelf kerosene based, works in all lanterns, required for larger wicks 3/4"+)
3. Bio Green Lamp Oil, 24 fl oz, Germany (Vegetable oil based, eco friendly for 1/2" and smaller wicks)
4. Sterno Softlight Lamp Oil, 1 Gallon, USA (Paraffin based for 5/8" and smaller wicks)

Approved fuels for indoor / outdoor use in Tubular Hurricane Lanterns and Large (3/4"+) Flat Wick Oil Lamps:

1. Lamplight Farms® Clear Medallion Brand Lamp Oil, (#60020, #60003 aka #6300, #60005 aka #6400, and #6700 Only ) Flash Point: 145 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. W.M. Barr & Co. Klean-Heat® Kerosene Substitute (#GKKH99991, 128oz, sold by Home Depot SKU #391-171) Flash Point: 145 Degrees Fahrenheit
3. Crown® Brand Clear Lamp Oil (#755946) Flash Point: 141 Degrees Fahrenheit
4. Genuine Aladdin® Brand Lamp Oil (#17552, 32 oz., and #17554, 128 oz.) Flash Point: 141 Degrees Fahrenheit
5. MVP Group International Florasense® Brand Lamp Oil (#MVP73200, 64oz. and #MVP73201, 32 oz., Sold by Wal-Mart ) Flash Point: 142 Degrees Fahrenheit
6. Recochem Clear Lamp Oil (#14-573, 710mL, Sold in Canada) Flash Point: 124 Degrees Fahrenheit

NOTICE: While kerosene can be used, we do not recommend it due to higher soot and oder. Dyed kerosene or dyed lamp oil will eventually clog the wick and inhibit proper operation. It can also permanently stain the lamp or lantern. Standard clear lamp oil (Lamp Light Farms Medallion Oil,) is available nationwide at: Target, K-Mart, Michaels, Jo-Anns, Ace Hardware, Tru-Value Hardware, Sentry Hardware, and HWI Do-It Centers. Kerosene and synthetic kerosene (now sold under the name "Klean-Heat") is available at or through most hardware stores and home centers including: Home Depot, Lowe's, American Eagle, Coast to Coast, Ace, True-Value, HWI Do-It Centers. Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil is available from Aladdin Lamp Dealers nationwide. If you purchase kerosene from a gas station, make sure that it is from a "blocked" pump so that it is clear and not dyed red. (Un-blocked kerosene pumps by law must dispense dyed kerosene which will clog lantern wicks, and cause it to not burn properly.) Paraffin Oil (Liquid Candle Wax,) in the UNITED STATES is mis-labeled for use in oil lamps, when in fact it is only suited for candles that use small diameter round wick. 99% or 100% Paraffin (Light Farms Ultra-Pure, Northern Lights Fuel, Nowell's Fuel, Oddity Fuel, Tropical Lights, Weems & Plath, etc.) is NOT designed or suitable for use in tubular lanterns or lamps that use flat wick. Further, it burns only 1/2 as bright of any of the approved fuels listed above. Paraffin has a much higher viscosity and a flash point of 200 degrees or higher, as compared to the flash point of 150 degrees for kerosene. These differences inhibit the necessary capillary action of the wick, and will cause Lamps and Lanterns with 7/8" or larger wick to burner improperly and erratic. PLEASE NOTE: Once a extra large wick is used with paraffin, it must be replaced in order for the lantern to burner properly. If you must use paraffin, it may be mixed 1:10 to 2:10 (one to two parts to ten parts,) with standard oil or kerosene so that it will burn satisfactorily. WARNING: NEVER USE gasoline, Coleman fuel, white gas, paint thinner, mineral spirits, alcohol, diesel, naptha, turpentine, or any other explosive fuel in a wick lantern of any type. WARNING: Aviation fuel should not be used in any wick lantern as the fumes from anti-freeze additives can be FATAL if inhaled. Copyright © 1997 - 2008 W.T. Kirkman All Rights Reserved.