Pure Fire Bio Green Lamp Oil

Pure Fire Bio Green Lamp Oil

Vermont Lanterns offers PureFire™ Bio Green Lamp Oil, which is perfect for all outdoor oil lanterns, Tiki torches, and fire pots. One of the safest, greenest, cleanest lamp oils ever developed, PureFire™ Bio Lamp Oil is a vegetable based oil German Made with German Quality. It's not a kerosene, gel, liquid paraffin or bio ethanol fuel so no risk of the health hazards inherent with petroleum, ethanol or other alcohol-based products. Non-flammable, non-toxic and close to carbon neutral, it is less harmful and better for the environment than kerosene or paraffin based lamp oils.

PureFire™ Bio Lamp Fuel is the all-natural alternative for oil lanterns, candles, oil lamps, garden torches, survival and emergency preparedness kits. It has all the benefits of traditional lantern oil, but none of the dangers. Because it's Vegetable Oil, it’s non-explosive. It's non-toxic. This is possible because it's made of recycled herbal raw materials, not petrochemicals.  PureFire™ Bio Lamp Oil is patent pending and is currently one of the very few  known viable alternative to existing hazardous oils. Also available with Citronella. 

Works in all Vermont Table Oil Lamps & Nautical Lanterns with 1/2" and smaller wicks. (*Not for use in Feuerhand Lanterns, or other Hurricane lanterns with 1/2", 5/8", 7/8" wick. Will not burn at full brightness.)

One 750 ml Bottle. (24 fl oz).
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