5/8" Flat - Hurricane Lantern wicks


High Quality cotton wick, for Lanterns that use a 5/8" (15mm) size. Each lantern comes with one wick installed, have a spare set on hand when you need replacements. If you plan to use your lamps regularly, then a few sets per lantern is recommended.

One set of 5/8" wicks is 5 x 8" pieces, approximately 40" total. Fits models: 9832, 632, 633. And other makes like Dietz Junior #20, a commom wick size.

Buy in 20' bulk order and save even more. Stock up now!

*Please note, for the Feuerhand German Hurricane Lanterns, you need 1/2" Flat wick, see other product.

Wick Size: 
5/8" Flat Wick
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