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Feedback of our Lamps & Lanterns from satisfied customers! Also check our 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

“The Lanterns Look Terrific”

Hi, Just to let you know that the lanterns arrived in good order. Ours looks terrific, perfectly suiting our little cottage. Regards, Bill P. – United Kingdom Pictured is the 9891-HL, Brass Hanging Oil Lamp 14″ w/shade.

“Love my Vermont Lanterns!”

Love my Vermont Lanterns, thanks and happy new year! (Pictured is the 9.5″ Tavern Mug lamp w/smoke bell) -Richard B. – Colorado

“Nautical Lanterns for Navigation”

A sampling from one of our Nautical customers, who uses his Port and Starboard, and Solid Brass Masthead Lanterns for real world use on his boat! David fitted the 10.5″ Brass Masthead Lantern with a Polarstar LED, which is visible for 2 miles. Thank you David B. for sharing these great photos.

“Don – California”

These pictures show all of your lamps in operation. Notice the 2 hanging on the wall of the house. They give a nice effect!      

personalized life vest with lantern

“Bill – California”

Here’s a photo of a Kisbie with one of your beautiful brass lanterns and a personalized life-ring. We hope to continue doing quite a bit more business with you in the future.

“beautifully made”

Hi Guys – just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with both your service – the lamp arrived the day after I ordered it – and the lamp itself, which is beautifully made and very solid indeed. We’re buying it to use on a sailboat and it’s perfect. Indeed I think we may …

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