Lamp Oil

Vermont Lanterns sells Aladdin Lamp Oil, Ultra Pure Clear Lamp Oil and PureFire Bio Green Lamp Oil. Kerosene burns with a stronger smell and soot, and is not recommended for indoors. Our fuels are safer, more refined and burn sootless without strong ordor. Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Depeding on your lamps wick size, you can choose the fuel that best suits your needs. The Aladdin Lamp Oil works on any size wick, and is best for larger wicks 7/8"+. The Ultra Pure and Sterno Lamp Oil are great for 5/8" and smaller. New Non-Toxic and Biodegradable lamp oils, and Citronella Lamp Oil are now available.

Over time we have tested all the major brands and these are our favorites. Safe to use, ultra long shelve life, easy to pour and store, burns longer and brighter.

Sold by the bottle or in bulk case packs.