Sterno Soft Light Lamp Oil - 1 Gallon


Bulk One Gallon Lamp Oil

Sterno Soft Light Lamp Oil is an ultra pure, paraffin based lamp oil. The liquid paraffin (candle wax) is sootless & odorless when burned. High quality product, made in USA. Practical and safe to use in small spaces or for people with sensitivities to strong smells, and a favorite for Restaurant users. Large one gallon jug is great for commercial use, or stocking up for personal needs. This fuel will solidify below freezing due to candle wax content. (If cold weather storage is needed see our other Ultra Pure #1000 for easy to handle 24oz bottles, that doesn't solidify until -77C)

Please note: Ideal for lamps using a 5/8" wick and smaller, with a max up to 3/4". (The exception being the "Lincoln" center draft lamp, due to extra airflow, it works well) Perfect for our popular small table lamps in restaurants or at home. Not for larger wicks. We recommend our Aladdin Lamp Oil for clean burning option in larger wicked lamps.

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Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 12 in
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