Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil - 32 oz

Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil - 32 oz

Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil

The finest quality non-paraffin lamp oil made. Perfect for use indoors in all Aladdin lamps, and other flat wick lamps and lanterns. 32 oz. will provide many hours of operation in an Aladdin mantle lamp, even more in a flat wick lantern. You can see burn times listed on each individual product. Genuine Aladdin lamp oil is clean-burning and distilled for purity. Aladdin recommends using only Aladdin Lamp Oil for their lamps. This fuel will also work perfectly with all other Oil Lamps and Hurricane Lanterns we sell.

If deciding between our Ultra Clear Liquid paraffin blended oil and the Aladdin Lamp Oil, it comes down to wick size. For 5/8" wicks and smaller the Ultra Clear is more odorless. For all larger wick sizes, or to have one fuel that works for all wick sizes, the Aladdin Lamp Oil is a great choice. Also available in 12 case packs.

  • Burns clean, minimal odor
  • Highest light output
  • Lasts for years when stored in a dark, dry location
  • Works in any flat wick Oil Lamp or Kerosene Lantern, best for large wicked models
  • Made in the USA

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