Brass Chimney Shade


Brass Oil Lamp Chimney Shade

Solid Brass 9" diameter shade rests over most straight top glass chimneys with a 3" base diameter and 2" top diameter. These are used on our Equinox Series table lamps, but will fit many others. Catches the light and directs it more downward. Like the old "petticoat" style shades that rest on the bulge of the chimney.

Opening is 2 3/8" wide, will rest on the "bulge" of the glass chimney. 9" in Diameter and 1.5" tall overall. Pictured resting on a glass chimney, sold seperately.

Available in Brass, Antique Brass, Pewter and Nickel Chrome.

Dimensions: 9 in × 9 in × 1.5 in
SKU: 9966
List price: $35.00