Brass Lantern Hook - 8"

Brass Lantern Hook - 8"

Our Brass Lantern Hook is elegantly designed to hang your Vermont oil lamp anywhere. In your home keep your oil lanterns easy to find and out of the way, if an emergency arrives you will know right where they are, so practical! These Brass Lantern Hooks have multiple uses for whatever you require, perhaps on the patio, in the garage, or on the boat, or just use them to add to your home decor. Its another practical Vermont Lanterns product to have around the house.

The largest 8" Brass hook has a beautifully engraved design on the sides as pcitured. The measurement is to the center point where lantern would hang, total length is closer to 9".

Dimensions: 8 in × 0 in × 0 in
SKU: 647-BH
List price: $20.00