Electric Lanterns - Ships Lantern Port & Starboard - 11"

Electric Lanterns - Ships Lantern Port & Starboard - 12"
Electric Lanterns - Ships Lantern Port & Starboard - 12"

Electric Nautical Signal Lanterns

When looking for a marine lamp to decorate your home, office, patio or yacht why not check purchase one of our Electric port & starboard lanterns. The colonial style smooth brass looks great and makes a perfect gift to a friend or loved one, when thinking about those special moments in your life consider how this would look as a wedding decoration or at a business social function. Inside the lamp is room for a 25w bulb that is easy to remove and replace, the red and green glass lenses add that extra spark to the entire design when illuminated.

Because of the rules of the sea, ships traveling towards each other (bow to bow) know that their Red or port light should pass the oncoming vessel on the port side which has the visible red light. Ships pass oncoming vessels in a port to port manner. This prevents confusion should either ship's navigator steer a sharp turn to the side. The green light is used on the starboard side and simply means that the ships do not pass starboard to starboard when they approach each other. It is in the unusual circumstance that craft will pass starboard to starboard. In this unusual situation, the craft desiring to pass starboard to starboard will signal the approaching craft with two blasts of its horn. The other craft will acknowledge the signal with two return blasts. The craft will then pass starboard to starboard. If not acknowledged for whatever reason, the craft requesting the starboard to starboard pass becomes the "give way" craft and should maneuver to avoid collision.

Our Electric Lanterns - Ships Lantern Port & Starboard 12" can also be mounted, all hardware needed is included in the box. Fits standard 25w bulb. (Use an LED bulb for more light output with low heat).

2 Lamps per Box - One Port, one Starboard

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Dimensions: 6 in × 8 in × 12 in
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