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Classic Cargo Lantern

Before there was electricity, sailors used brass cargo lanterns to check their cargo. On the old tall ships or clippers, even early steamers, they would attach the cargo lanterns to ropes which were attached to the sides of the cargo holds. This would allow them to run the cargo lanterns up and down the ropes. 

A Classic Cross Bar design on this model, is accurate to several time periods, and used from Colonial times thru present day. The nautical lamps burned standard lamp oil to create a light bright enough to be able to navigate the holds of the ship. Well built and weighing over 3 pounds,  they had to be strong enough to withstand the violent conditions out at sea, while providing the most amount of light created from its flame. Our ships lamp reproductions are made of solid brass and look, feel and work like their mates of old. This Cargo Lamp stands 10″ tall without the handle and is 5″ wide. Popular for its ease of use and classic looks, they can be used anywhere in or out of your home, business or boat.

Bring back that historic nautical age today with one of our many nautical lanterns. Comes with a wick installed, burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 10 in
Finish Color:


Made In:


Wick Size:

1/2" Flat Wick

Candle Power:


Burn Time (hours):


Fuel Capacity (oz):


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