Oil Lamps - Pewter "Dorset" Table Lamp - 8"

Oil Lamps - Pewter "Dorset" Table Lamp - 8"
Oil Lamps - Pewter "Dorset" Table Lamp - 8"Oil Lamps - Pewter "Dorset" Table Lamp - 8"

Pewter Oil Lamp

Dorset Series Pewter lanterns make great centerpieces for tables at Weddings and outdoor events. Very popular for restaurants and cafe's because of their long burn time, low maintenance and vintage appearance. These Table Lanterns also make great indoor lamps at your dining table, living or bedrooms, as well as emergency lighting.

Also available in 10" and 12", same base, taller globe options. A Vermont lanterns exclusive, the Dorset Series.

Solid brass construction with hand brushed Pewter Finish, comes with a wick installed, and glass chimney. Burns standard Lamp Oil.

Wick Size: 
1/2" Flat Wick
Candle Power: 
Burn Time (hours): 
Fuel Capacity (oz): 
Globe Size: 
Dimensions: 4 in × 4 in × 8 in
SKU: 9891PWT
List price: $25.00