Oil Lanterns - Antique Brass Mini XL 7" - Amber Glass

Oil Lanterns - Antique Brass Mini XL 7" - Amber Glass

Mini Kerosene Lantern

Our antique mini XL amber oil lanterns work anywhere. Using the same base as the other antique mini lanterns, this lantern uses a 1/2" wick for more light output. The amber glow of the antique mini XL amber gives off a romantic glow great for Outdoor Weddings, Restaurants, Patios, and other Special Occasions.

Due to it's very low fuel consumption, this oil lantern is ideal for a night light in hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. The brighter burn of this amber lantern makes it excellent for ambient and emergency lighting.

Comes with a wick installed, and glass chimney. Burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene. (Lamp oil for indoor use.)

Wick Size: 
1/2" Flat Wick
Candle Power: 
Burn Time (hours): 
Fuel Capacity (oz): 
Globe Size: 
Dimensions: 3 in × 3 in × 7 in
SKU: 230-XLA-Y
List price: $17.97