Ship Lantern - Antique Brass Chiefs Oil Lamp - 10"

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Historic Ship Lantern

The Chiefs Oil Lamp was originally designed in the 19th century for the Chief mate to find his way throughout the dark deck of the sailing ship during evening hour topside inspections. This Antique Brass Ships Lantern is a reproduction, of this historic lantern. It still can be used out on the open sea, but are fantastic for emergency storm lighting, Outdoor lighting, or even adding light to a nautical themed room. This marine lantern stands 10" tall without the handle and is 5.5" wide. The oil burning pot and wick unit are serviced from the opened hinged door on the front of the oil lantern and can be converted into an electric lamp with great ease.

Lantern stand sold separately. Solid brass, comes with a wick installed, burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

Wick Size: 
1/2" Flat Wick
Candle Power: 
Burn Time (hours): 
Fuel Capacity (oz): 
Glass Size: 
Dimensions: 5.5 in × 5.5 in × 10 in
SKU: 9846A
List price: $140.00