Hurricane Lanterns

Hurricane Lanterns are an essential emergency lighting item for power outages. Choose from legendary and quality brands like Dietz, Feuerhand (Germany), W.T. Kirkman Premium Grade Lanterns, and more. Our Hurricane oil lamps will provide you with reliable alternative lighting, are functional in all weather conditions, and safe to use indoors with clean burning lamp oil.

An essential part of any lantern collection. Always have at least one in addition to table lamps. Inspired by Dietz lanterns that have been in continuous production since 1840, they are useful under any weather, even rain or a snow storm. Extremely hardy, reliable and they burn up to twice as bright as a table lamp of equal wick size.

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Oil Lanterns - Antique Brass Mini Patio Hurricane 9"629 A$29.97Oil Lanterns - Brass Mini Patio Hurricane 9"629$29.97Dietz Hurricane Kerosene Lantern #76 Brass631$79.97
Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made630$39.97Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - Black630-BCK$39.97Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - Blue630-BLU$39.97
Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - Bronze630-BRZ$59.97Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - Green630-GRN$39.97Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - Red630-RED$39.97
Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern German Made - White630-WHT$39.97Hurricane Lantern - Galvanized Steel - 12"632$29.97Hurricane Lantern - Galvanized Steel - 15"634$39.97
Hurricane Lantern - Galvanized Steel Black - 12"636$29.97Hurricane Lantern - Galvanized Steel Black - 15"638$39.97Hurricane Lanterns - Galvanized w/ Hooded Reflector - 12"633$59.97
Hurricane Lanterns - Galvanized w/ Hooded Reflector - 15"635$69.97Hurricane Oil Lamp w/shade - Antique Brass - 19"250A-S$109.97Hurricane Oil Lamp w/shade - Brass - 19"250-S$109.97
Hurricane Oil Lantern - Antique Brass - 13"9832 A$79.97Hurricane Oil Lantern - Brass - 13"9832$79.97Dietz Hurricane Lanterns Kit - 19ELK-19$169.97
Galvanized Steel Hurricane Lantern Kit - 20ELK-20$69.97German Hurricane Lantern Kit - 18ELK-18$89.97Ships Lanterns - Antique Brass Anchor Lamp - 10"9936A$99.97
Ships Lanterns - Antique Brass Anchor Lamp - 12"9937A$149.97Ships Lanterns - Antique Brass Anchor Lamp - 15.5"9938A$219.97Ships Lanterns - Antique Brass Anchor Lamp - 19"9939A$299.97
Ships Lanterns - Brass Anchor Lamp - 10"9936$99.97Ships Lanterns - Brass Anchor Lamp - 12"9937$149.97Ships Lanterns - Brass Anchor Lamp - 15.5"9938$219.97
Ships Lanterns - Brass Anchor Lamp - 19"9939$299.97Railroad Lanterns 12" - Train Lamp9100$109.97Railroad Lanterns Antique Brass 12" - Train Lamp9100A$109.97
Prism Polish - Brass and Metal CleanerPRISM-6$15.97