Oil Lamp Wicks

Replacement wicks are used in all oil lanterns, but why not get your extra 100% cotton lantern wicks now, so you don't get caught short when you need them. One set of cotton wicks is approximately 24", cut into 3-4 pieces, so one set will last you a while. If you plan to use your oil lamps regularly, then a few sets of oil lamp wicks is recommended. Wicks work with both kerosene and lamp oil. Its recommeneded you change wicks when switching fuels. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, ice storms, seems like emergency disasters are happening everywhere, even here in Vermont! Be prepared for the next one with plenty of kerosene wicks, globes, lamp oil, and oil lanterns from Vermont Lanterns. To buy in 20ft bulk order and save even more, click on any individual product page and select the bulk price in the drop down menu.