Electric Lanterns - Ship Lanterns Clipper Lamp Antique Brass - 22"

Electric Lanterns-Ship Lanterns Clipper Lamp Antique Brass -22"
Ship Lanterns Clipper Lamp Antique Brass 13"-16"-22"

An admiral's choice in this exquisite handcrafted nautical lantern. This electric lantern is made from heavy brass in a vintage, antique finish. The lantern beautifully illuminates from its clear glass panes, similar to those of our nautical oil lanterns.

This Clipper lamp stands 22" tall with the handle and is 12" wide. The electric bulb socket is easily accessed from under the lantern, with room enough for a 60 watt bulb. Makes a perfect chandelier in your dining area or make it a wall lamp with our matching brass wall hanger. Illuminate your home, office or yacht with the charm of this historic reproduction marine lamp.

Solid brass, this is our largest lantern. Please measure your space before ordering, its size and presence are impressive! Our lanterns make ideal gifts for those who love ocean themes, historic ships and nautical décor.

Globe Size: 
9810 (ext. pane)
Lantern Hanger: 
Maximum Watt Lightbulb: 
Dimensions: 12in. × 12in. × 22in.
SKU: 9810 AE
List Price: $380.00
Price: $319.97
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