Custom Electric Lamps

Our new custom electric lantern line is the same high quality brass kerosene oil lamps we have sold for years, but are now available in a wide variety of custom conversions to be used as an electric oil lamp. All the same uses are available: as wall lanterns, indoor or outdoor nautical lights, 12v or 24v marine lanterns, anchor lights, patio or deck lighting, just about any use is possible. These custom electric lanterns are beautiful handcrafted reproductions in heavy brass cast hardware. An electric lantern also provides fantastic and realistic nautical lighting, and they are the same quality and size as their kerosene lanterns models. They are solid brass and antique brass, not to be confused with the painted or plated varieties. All conversion and fabrication done in USA!

All models are hardwired with UL approved parts and available in 12v or 24v marine use as well as 110v and 220v, choose your option in the drop down menu on any product page.

If you need a special fabrication, anything is possible, so please call or email us.

Because custom fabrication here in USA is involved in converting these lamps to wall mount, ceiling and/or the 12v or 24v marine option, there is a minimum 30 day delay until your order arrives!

We launched our new line of custom marine lights at the Newport International Boat Show in 2012, so keep coming back to this page as more pictures and lamps will soon be available.