Electric Lantern - Ships Lanterns Brass Anchor Lamp - 15.5" Custom Wall Mount

Electric Lantern - Ships Lanterns Brass Anchor Lamp - 15.5" Custom Wall Mount

Electric Nautical Wall Mount Lamp

This Electric Ships Lantern Custom Wall Mount is an elegant handcrafted nautical antique reproduction in heavy brass cast hardware and your choice of clear or frosted glass. This electric lantern provides realistic nautical lighting, and is the same quality and size as their oil burning models. These nautical lanterns stand 15.5" tall without the handle and are 11" wide. The Brass Wall Mounting Plate is 7" wide by 9.5" tall.

The oil lamp's oil burning pot and wick unit that was serviced from the bottom of the oil lantern has now been converted into a hard wired electric anchor light. The light bulb is accessed through the top of the lamp. Unhinge the chain and hasp and there is room inside for a full size 60w light bulb.

In addition, Vermont Lanterns has had fabricated in the USA, a matching solid brass finish wall mount fixture. Now for the first time, this exclusive design allows home,boat ,restaurant owners to use these lamps in ways that were not possible in the past.

In particular our 12v or 24v marine option enables boat owners to add a historic flair to their interior or exterior decors that is not only unique in look but will set them in a class apart in any marina in the world.

In the 12v or 24v models, G4 Standard bulb, 20w is included.

Because custom fabrication is involved in converting this lamp to wall mount, there is a 2-3 week lead time until orders arrive.

Glass Size: 
Maximum Watt Lightbulb: 
60w or G4 Standard bulb for 12v or 24v, 20w
Dimensions: 11 in × 9 in × 15.5 in
SKU: 9938E-CWM
List price: $500.00