Aladdin High Altitude MaxBrite Chimney #R905


High Output Aladdin Replacement Chimney.

The solution to burning your Aladdin lamp at high altitudes. Taller chimney provides the correct draft required to burn properly in thinner air, so you can comfortably enjoy bright, soothing light. Made by Aladdin. Latest model #R905-500.

Required for proper burning at higher altitudes (4,000 ft above sea level and up) High quality premium grade R905-500 MaxBrite chimney. Fits Aladdin Models 1-11, model 23A, and all new MaxBrite burners.

  • Height: 15-1/2"
  • Base: 2-5/8"
Glass Size: 
Dimensions: 2.6 in × 2.6 in × 15.5 in
SKU: R905
List price: $35.00