Railroad Lantern – Antique Brass Train Lamp 12″

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Antique Brass Railroad Lamp

Historically railroad lanterns were used by railroad workers as a hand signaling device. Unlike other train lamps which were used at night, a signal railroad lantern was used during both day and night. Usually mounted to something,  it would be swung in different ways to send a signal, such as stop, apply the brakes, etc. In the days of olde when steam locomotives were the highways of the country, these old railroad lanterns were the primary means of communication, and absolutely essential during nighttime travel. Different lenses were often used on these train lamps. The standard clear lens was used by the brakeman for various functions around the rail yard, the red lens was used to stop or warn traffic from the rear of the train. The kerosene lantern was a efficient portable light source that was used for decades until the invention of modern communications.

Can be used on a table or hung from a hook. A piece of history and unique lighting fixture. Two pounds solid brass, high quality construction.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 12 in
Finish Color:


Made In:


Burn Time (hours):


Candle Power:


Wick Size:

5/8" Flat Wick

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