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Feedback of our Lamps & Lanterns from satisfied customers! Also check our 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

“Gunleik Gjerde”

Dear Vermont Lanterns, Your lamp arrived today and its awesome !! Thank you for top service and quick delivery. Your kind makes internet trade uncomplicated and fun !! Best wishes from Norway Sincerely, Gunleik Gjerde

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“bicycle light”

Hi I just used one of your products in a new project and wanted to share it with you. You can find it here. I hope it brings in some new sales for you! I linked to your site in the description. Thanks for a great product. Best wishes, tim

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“Perfect condition”

Hi Jeff Your order was delivered direct to my door by the UK postal service. As for smoother, the service I got was great. The product arrived with no problems and in perfect condition. I think there would be a good market for your products over here, and mine is hanging in a pride of

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“Thanks so much”

Hi Jeff, Thanks so much, I have received one of the parcels, they look awesome! Your service has been Absolutely Awesome, from the initial contact to the final delivery…. My wife will be very, very happy when she sees the little lanterns tonight. I look forward to the next parcel which should arrive Monday. I

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“Creative Conversion”

My husband has wanted a lamp like this for many years. When he found the clipper ship lantern on your web site in May, I ordered it for his birthday. David converted the lantern to electricity with a 3-way socket at the top and a flame bulb inside the chimney. He completed the lamp with

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