Nautical Lamps Brass Masthead Lantern - 13.5"

Nautical Lamps Brass Masthead Lantern - 13.5"
Nautical Lamps Brass Masthead Lantern - 13.5"Nautical Lamps Brass Masthead Lantern - 13.5"

Handcrafted Nautical Lamp

The Nautical Masthead Lamps are beautiful Handcrafted reproductions in heavy solid brass. Fully functional classic lantern. Due to their enclosed design, these lamps provide fantastic emergency storm lighting, working in the wind and rain. Ship's Masthead Nautical Lantern stands 13.5" tall without the handle and is 7.25" wide. Each has a thick clear glass lens which shows an illuminated arc of 225 degrees. Inside contains an silvered brass reflector to direct light forward.

You can also choose to wall mount your lantern. The back is fitted with a cast brass mounting bracket which is riveted to the body of the lamp for extra support.

The oil burner and wick are serviced from the bottom of the lantern and can be converted into an electric fixture with great ease for use in a Nautical theme room, or perhaps even a dock, or restaurant. Standing taller then the other masthead lanterns, this lantern will make an excellent focal point to any room.

Ideal gifts for people who love Nautical Decor. Comes with a wick installed, burns standard Lamp Oil or Kerosene.

Wick Size: 
1/2" Flat Wick
Candle Power: 
Burn Time (hours): 
Fuel Capacity (oz): 
Glass Size: 
Dimensions: 7.25 in × 6.25 in × 13.5 in
SKU: 9887M
List price: $190.00